Evai Token

The EV token is hitting the Solana Blockchain this month and unleashing a host of exclusive features for token holders as it becomes one of the first AI tokens to feature on Solana.

The Evai team behind the AI powered crypto ratings platform and award winning Evai Efficient Frontier portfolio tools are excited to announce that EV token holders will be able to access trading features on the platform from June 2024 and gain access to a first of its kind fund launching in Q3 2024.

Unlock AI powered trading values holding the EV token

Crypto investors holding the EV token will unlock rewards linked to the performance of the Evai fund powered by Evai Crypto Ratings and Award Winning Evai Efficient Frontier Portfolio Tools. 20% of profits of the fund will be used for EV buy back and 20% for the Rewards.

Evai Crypto Ratings

The AI powered ratings outlined in the Evai whitepaper are a reality! The team have been committed to its development over 5 years and the live ratings application has scaled to provide hourly ratings on over 1,000+ crypto assets. Fueling financial freedom, they are free to registered users.

The universal ratings tool is on a journey to becoming a globally accepted benchmark for crypto, helping retail and institutional investors navigate the market.

Powering Portfolios

The Evai Efficient Frontier portfolio building approach received industry recognition from ByBit at the 2023 DMCC Hackathon winning the global competiton!

Evai Frontier Intelligence combines the power of AI crypto ratings with near time Efficient Frontier calculations to identify the best mix of assets that should be included in a portfolio. This insitutional grade insights approach will power the Evai Fund and increase the value of EV token over the time.

The Evai Fund

A portion of the funds raised from EV token sales will be allocated to the Evai Efficient Frontier Fund. This fund will operationalize Evai's proprietary trading signals derived from the Efficient Frontier model to engage in strategic trading activities within the cryptocurrency market. The profits generated from the trading activities of the Evai Efficient Frontier Fund will be distributed across:

Evai Foundation
A predetermined percentage of the trading profits will contribute directly to Evai's operational profitability, supporting the company's growth, development, and the continuous improvement of its products and services.
Growth - Fund Reinforcement
To ensure the sustainability and resilience of the Evai Efficient Frontier Fund, a portion of the profits will be reinvested into the fund. This reinvestment strategy is designed to cover potential drawdowns and to facilitate further fund development, allowing for more significant and strategic trading operations.
Distribute Back
A significant portion of the profits will be allocated to reward the Evai community for their active participation and contributions. Community members who engage by providing ratings, offering insights on assets, or participating in the referral program will receive rewards. This initiative not only incentivizes community involvement but also enriches the platform’s data quality and user engagement.
Token Buyback
The remainder of the trading profits will be used by Evai to buy back EV tokens from the market. This buyback initiative serves to reduce the overall supply of EV tokens, potentially increasing their value and demonstrating Evai’s commitment to its token and token holders.

Fueling Future Adoption

Evai has established long-term goals for its tokenomics, emphasizing genuine utility and financial rewards for token holders. Key objectives include:

  • Encourage users to contribute to the Evai ecosystem.
  • Align project and community goals through fair revenue distribution.
  • Reward users based on the value created in the ecosystem.

Incentives for Token Holders

  • Staking: Have skin in the game and receive a share of the revenue.
  • Trading: Demonstrate skill and receive boosted rewards.
  • Referral: Attract users and receive mutual rewards.
  • Discounts: Utilize tokens to get discounts on trading tools.
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