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Designed to put the predictive power of Artificial Intelligence into the hands of crypto investors, the Evai Market Index and Evai Trading Score can be used as part of your trading strategy to generate and protect profits.


Cryptocurrencies and other crypto assets like NFTs make up the world’s fastest-growing market. Millions are creating their own financial freedom, but the markets are volatile and profit can quickly turn to loss.

Evai’s predictive crypto ratings allow you to build wealth and protect funds in both bull and bear markets.

Bias information in markets

In 2008 we saw the fallibility of rating systems run by so-called panels of experts and major institutions.

Our intelligent crypto ratings model offers next-generation ratings.

Find Trust in Evai Crypto Ratings

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning provide you with proven ratings that are calculated by unbiased Crypto AI.


Sleepless Nights

Crypto markets operate 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

It can be daunting keeping up and that’s why we are here!

Sleep Better

Evai crypto ratings and trading tools allow you to take advantage of the market without it taking over your life.


20,000+ Cryptocurrencies

With so many crypto assets on the market it can be hard to know which ones to choose and when to invest.

Feel prepared to go deeper

So you have some Bitcoin and some Ethereum, what’s next?

Let Evai Crypto Ratings help you pick the 3rd currency for your portfolio.


Join the Evai crypto ratings evolution.

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To make smart investment decisions you need the best information about which crypto assets to invest in and when.

The problem is there is a lot of noise, a lot of bad data, market manipulation, and other hidden risks with crypto assets, and NFTs which can make you feel unprepared to make the right decisions. Each of the 1,000 crypto assets we rate undergoes a rigorous evaluation driven by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that dynamically scrutinises live market data.

Evai Crypto Ratings look at six performance factors and over 20 indicators before a rating is awarded. Unlike other crypto rating agencies, our data and research do not rely giving an indication of “expertise” of human inputs allowing us to share with you an unbiased rating and trust to help you make informed decisions that will maximize profits and minimise risk.

We believe that everyone, not just insiders and statistical experts, should benefit from the crypto market. We understand people want to benefit from the financial freedom crypto investments can provide without having to dedicate all of their time to evaluating the many risks and opportunities.

That's why we created Evai Crypto Ratings.
Here's how it works:

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How to use the Evai Market Index.

The Evai Market Index is our Portfolio Building tool that scores crypto assets from A1 down to D giving an indication of the underlying value.

Every 7 days, Artificial Intelligence technology evaluates over 1,000 crypto assets against a set of performance factors turning live market data into actionable insights.

Increase your potential returns and minimise risk by using the predictive power of crypto ratings to make smart investment decisions. Let our proven ratings technology be your guide to the market.

Decreased level of risk and lower potential % returns.
Increased level of potential % returns.
Higher levels of potential % returns with higher levels of risk.
Higher levels of volatility and higher potential % returns.
Unrateable due to insufficient data.
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How to use the Evai Trading Score.

Which direction are your crypto assets heading? The Evai Trading Score updates every 4 hours and allows you to anticipate market moves. The strength of the score can be used to inform your next move.

Plus (+) and (–) symbols will indicate the likelihood of a positive or negative price direction, while the numbers 1–3 will deliver a 4 hourly trading strength score relating to each asset. The Evai Trading Score is calculated by our Multi-Factor model coupled with AI and Machine Learning to compare the daily performance of each coin with its historical data.

No change

This Evai PRO feature is a powerful predictive tool to help you make better informed decisions with your trading. As an Evai PRO subscriber you will have access to notifications to keep you up-to-date with Evai Trading Score changes on your selected crypto assets. You will also have access to a private Telegram alerts group where we will post the biggest movers and shakers to help you navigate the market.


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Let’s find the right tools for you.

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Combining peer-reviewed research and economic modeling, Evai has developed an industry-leading AI and Machine Learning technology that continually evaluates crypto assets.

Nobel prize-winning research forms the foundation of the Evai Crypto Ratings and our team of experts led by Professor Andros Gregoriou are constantly optimising the model to identify long-term value and short-term trading opportunities.

Every asset featured on the platform is rated by our proprietary AI and Machine Learning technology undergoing a rigorous evaluation that scrutinises the assets current data against 6 power factors and over 20 further KPIs, before awarding an unbiased rating.



Every asset rated by our proprietary AI and machine learning technology undergoes a rigorous evaluation that scrutinises the asset’s current data against nine Power Factors and over 20 further KPI’s. Built on academic, peer-reviewed research and world-class, economically modelled technology, AI and machine learning cut through the noise, identifying risk and asset value based on each crypto asset’s live market data. Our Artificial Intelligence and machine learning select and combine indicators with optimal weightings to determine the greatest accuracy of each risk factor.

The ease with which an asset can be bought and sold without impacting the market price. Liquid assets are normally stable, less influenced by market slippage and easily transferred, making them more appealing to traders.
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