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Designed to harness the power of Artificial Intelligence for crypto investors, Evai Ratings and Evai Tools can be integrated into your trading strategies to enhance and protect profits. Users looking to optimise an investment portfolio can utilise Evai Frontier Intelligence by choosing from a range of packages tailored towards optimal risk and reward levels.

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Evai Crypto Ratings –
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The Evai Crypto Rating tool scores assets from AAA down to D giving an indication of the underlying value and level of potential risk.

The ratings provide a guide that can be used to inform portfolio decision making. Every hour, EVAI’s innovative technology evaluates over 1,000 crypto assets against performance factors turning live market data into actionable insights. Increase your potential returns and minimize risk by using the power of advanced crypto ratings methodology to make smart investment decisions. Let our proven rating technology be your guide to the market.

Represent the highest quality investments with the lowest risk.
Good quality investments with moderate risk.
Significant risk and high volatility. They have the potential for high returns but also come with a greater chance of loss and instability.
Lowest ranked, not recommended for investment.
Unrated, usually new or lacking data.

Portfolio Building with
Evai Frontier Insights

Investing across a portfolio of assets has been proven to reduce levels of risk and maximise returns. Evai Frontier Intelligence combines the power of our crypto ratings with near time Efficient Frontier calculations to identify the best mix of assets that should be included in a portfolio. While calculating ratings for assets, our system analyses and pinpoints portfolios that demonstrate the highest performance for each asset. These portfolios are characterised by a list of assets and their optimal allocation percentages, which are crucial for maximising returns relative to risk.

Evai Frontier
Evai Frontier

The New Frontier –
Locating Outliers

Finding a way to locate hidden gems in the crypto market time after time is the code every investor is trying to crack. Listening to the market noise and predictions around the next 10x or 100x token can leave investors exposed to digital assets that have the highest levels of associated risk and low liquidity.

Leveraging our proprietary Evai Frontier Intelligence, we're able to identify and spotlight profitable crypto gems. Join our daily shows for in-depth discussions on rating movements and the discovery of Outliers. We invite you to tune into our channels and share your insights in the Asset's In-Depth Analysis section, becoming part of our community's quest for investment excellence.

Crypto ratings
Crypto ratings

EV Token –
Your access to the Evai Efficient Frontier Fund

The Evai Efficient Frontier Fund is a strategically managed cryptocurrency fund that leverages Evai’s proprietary trading signals derived from the Efficient Frontier model.

Designed to optimize asset allocation, the fund aims to balance risk and return effectively, maximizing profitability within defined risk parameters. By applying advanced analytics and real-time market data, the fund seeks to capitalize on trading opportunities in the dynamic cryptocurrency markets, providing robust returns to its stakeholders. This innovative approach ensures that the fund not only supports Evai’s growth but also contributes to the overall enhancement of the Evai ecosystem.

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