The best ICO tracking platforms for 2021(5 min read)

The arrival of the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) coupled with the DeFi boom of 2020, has reignited the hunt for Initial Coin Offerings (ICO). Now, amid a comprehensive reprisal for the cryptocurrency market following a nod of approval from the likes of MicroStrategy, Square, and Paypal, attention is fixed on the potential of newly emerging tokens. 

That’s because IEOs, ICO, DeFi tokens, and other such pre-launch and small-cap coins typically offer the greatest upward potential. That said, these offerings need to be properly researched, and novice traders should be mindful of the risks before they consider making large investments into newly issued tokens.

The best way to mitigate this risk is extensive research into a token’s whitepaper, team, mission, and capabilities.  But Information on ICOs can be scarce, especially when looking to compare multiple ICO opportunities. Fortunately, there are several tools traders can leverage. 


CoinList serves as a good means of gaining in-depth information about specific token offerings.

The platform has a very select offering of tokens available on the exchange. But for the ones that make the cut, the details they go into are incredibly specific. These include links to the project documentary, whitepaper, GitHub repos, and other technical documents.

CoinList is available on Desktop, iOS, and Android and serves as a secure application for serious investors looking to get into the ICO & IEO game.

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Top ICO List

Top ICO List showcases a list of active, upcoming, or pre-ICO tokens. Users can browse the ICO listings to discover new token offerings and analyze them in-depth, thanks to the platform’s aggregated token metrics.

Top ICO List also makes it easy to browse key pieces of data regarding each project, inclusive of team members, token supply, roadmap, KYC requirements, as well as links to the project’s website, and whitepaper. The platform also consists of a community rating section allowing users to submit their own ICO reviews.

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Token Data is an all-embracing resource for ICOs, providing advanced data on the token’s post-launch return on investment (ROI).

TokenData’s analytics go far beyond token offerings, with the platform relaying information on more established, large-cap coins as well. Additionally, every few months, they’ll author a comprehensive report on the state of the industry, providing findings ranging from crypto company acquisitions to exchange volume analysis.

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ICO Holder

Despite its name suggesting otherwise, ICO Holder caters to a wide range of token offerings, including IEOs and Security Token Offerings (STOs). They provide ample data on token metrics, including historical and social data, as well as detailing the top five growth leaders and losers.

The site also supplies information on upcoming blockchain conferences, a news aggregator, crypto company reviews, and social media feeds from top influencers.

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ICO Drops is a tool for quick and easy insights into upcoming, active, and past token offerings, providing basic stats including price, market cap, and volume.

The platform also reviews project “Hype Levels” factored on the size and quality of the community compared to others; “Risk Levels,” based on the attributes of the token offering such as hard cap and pre-sale results; as well as “ROI Levels,” a fairly subjective profit evaluation based on ICO conditions as well as the performance of similar tokens.

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Obvious preference aside, we couldn’t have a list of token rating platforms without including ourselves. Evai is an all-encompassing resource for those looking for reliable data on a particular coin or token. Evai leverages industry-leading analytics methods to provide comprehensive and bias-free ratings.

Evai’s rating system, known as “The Bridge,” factors several criteria when assessing a cryptocurrency.

These include Liquidity, which measures the ability to transfer assets to cash at a particular price; Systematic Risk, or risk resulting from the collapse of an entire market; Profitability, the ratio of payoff to investment of a proposed project; Momentum, the rate of acceleration of a security’s price or volume; and Peak to End Value Demand, the last value and the peak of an asset’s price over a specific period; all of which combine to ascertain the most important aspect: Investment.

Unlike other rating services, Evai moves away from the central model, removing any bias—something integral to a fair rating system. Evai is also entirely independent and will never accept compensation from companies and tokens it rates.

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Choosing the Best Token Rating Platform for You

If you’re looking to make an investment into an ICO or other such pre-launch token, having accurate and up-to-date information is critical in making an educated decision.

Overall, there are many options that can serve an important purpose during your due diligence process. Ultimately, each ICO/IEO/STO rating platform offers a unique blend of features. The decision regarding the best option for you will largely depend on personal preferences.

If you’re interested in learning which tokens to invest in and which to avoid, then be sure to explore Evai. Evai is committed to pioneering up-to-the-minute, unbiased information, and reviews of cryptocurrencies using the most advanced processes in the industry.

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