Evai Roadmap: 2021(6 min read)

2020 was a blockbuster year of growth and development for Evai. We underwent six successful funding rounds, evolved from a group of eight founders to an experienced and dedicated team of 30, spanning the UK, UAE, and Asia. And Evai found a base of operations in the UK, becoming a member of the Brighton Research Innovation Technology Exchange (BRITE), a business accelerator hub affiliated with the University of Brighton.

Now, with our sights firmly set forward, we’re proud to unveil our 2021 development roadmap to give our investors some indicative timings on the journey ahead. We thank you for your incredible support and look forward to the exciting year ahead. 

Q1 2021

EVAI Legal Opinion: 
  • Kelman Law issue their US federal securities legal opinion on the EVAI utility token.
Binance Smart Chain Integration:
  • Evai integrates with Binance Smart chain, enabling the seamless transfers of value between Evai and Binance token standards (BEP2 and BEP20) as well as any protocols and platforms supporting those standards.
EVAI Token Audit by CertiK:
  • The EVAI Token is audited by leading blockchain security company CertiK with corrective actions implemented to ensure the highest levels of security. 
10,000 Pre-Registrations Secured:
  • Sign-ups for Evai’s crypto ratings MVP platform exceed 10,000.
Evai Community Building Extends to Asia: 
  • Ahead of the EVAI Token listing and MVP unveil, Evai partners with Airspeed18 to build a strong community across key Asian social channels and generate media coverage in the region’s leading media titles. 
Tier 1 Listing Applications Submitted:
  • Evai completes all legal and technical requirements as part of the Tier 1 Exchange listing process.  
Evai Starts Academic Collaboration With Peking University: 
  • Evai signs a three-year academic partnership with Peking University, solidifying the commitment to promoting academic research and engagement in the crypto sector
  • Professor Guy Liu, Head of Peking HSBC business school U.K. campus, joins as an advisor to the Evai ratings team.
  • Evai co-funds a PhD research study and provides a Bloomberg terminal to benefit students based at the Peking University UK campus in Oxford.
  • Professor Andros Gregoriou will use the Evai ratings platform to deliver keynote sessions at Peking University addressing their highly engaged student and business leader communities
Evai Appointments:
  • Bennett Quintard joins Evai’s advisory board. Bennett is a serial entrepreneur and his most recent two companies focused on accelerating blockchain and cryptocurrency projects.
  • Yi Zhoa joins Evai as Director of Community Management, Asia, to lead the growth strategy, Mandarin translation of the Evai.io ratings platform, and key communications.
  • Benjamin Tallack is appointed as Evai Brand Ambassador to advise on special projects and accelerate awareness of Evai within crypto investment communities.
  • Cyber Security Specialist Dr Kosmas Pipyros joins the Evai advisory team. 
The Evai Ratings Beta Phase (6-Factor Model):
  • Evai’s crypto ratings and analytics platform enters its beta stage, incorporating six primary financial indicators (Moving Average, Amihud Ratio, Gregoriou Liquidity Factor, Sharpe Ratio, Treynor Ratio, and Sortino Ratio).
IEO Partner Announcment:
  • Evai unveils its initial exchange listing partner.
H.M. Treasury Regulatory Consultation:
  • Evai submits regulatory recommendations to H.M. Treasury to support the development and legislation of the cryptocurrency sector in the UK. 
Evai Ratings MVP Launch (6-Factor Model):
  • Evai’s crypto ratings and analytics beta platform goes live featuring cryptocurrencies including BTC, ETH, XRP, LTC, ADA, EOS, XMR, IOTA, XLM, DASH, ZEC, XTZ, TRX, DOGE.

Q2 2021

IEO Launch Day:
  • Evai launches its Initial Exchange Offering on a leading Tier 1 exchange. 
Crypto Asset Integration:
  • 300 cryptocurrencies added to the platform.

Launch of EvaiFund.io:

  • Evai launches EvaiFund.io powered by the Evai.io platform.
Crypto Asset Integration:
  • 300 cryptocurrencies added to the platform.
End of Evai Early Investor Staking:
  • Early EVAI investor wallets unlocked, with a staking reward amounting to 10% of Evai holdings provided.
10% of Founder’s Funds Released per the EVAI Issuance Scheme:
  • Founder’s token allocation released in 6-month intervals (20% per annum over the course of 5 years).
Exchange & broker ratings integration:
  • Ratings and analytics for cryptocurrency exchanges and brokers added to the platform.
Evai API launched and made available to third parties:
  • API kit plans launched for enterprise-level and entrepreneurial startups
Direct Exchange Listing:
  • EVAI token lists on another Tier 1 exchange.
Crypto Asset Integration:
  • 300 cryptocurrencies added to the platform

Q3 2021

Pathway and the Bridge Packages Go-Live:
  • The advanced “pathway” plan unlocks an additional 20 data visualisations, including market indicators and on-chain metrics, enabling investors to identify latent risks and discover long-term value within the top 20 cryptocurrencies by market cap.
  • The professional bridge plan opens admission to all data and cryptocurrency ratings available on the platform along with 24/7 support and exclusive access to market research and reports compiled by Professor Andros Gregoriou and the Evai ratings team. 
Evai Ratings Mobile Application Launch:
  • Evai ships the mobile application of the crypto ratings platform
Evai Tracker Fund Launch:
  • The Evai tracker fund goes live, indexing the top rating cryptocurrencies 
Crypto Asset Integration:
  • 900 cryptocurrencies added to the platform

Q4 2021

CBDC Integration:
  • Evai integrates Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) data sets and ratings pending data from the relevant institutions
Crypto Asset Integration:
  • 900 cryptocurrencies added to the platform
  • A total of 2700 cryptocurrencies rated using Evai’s unique 6-factor model

The Evai journey has been fuelled by the support of our investors, and the team would like to extend our gratitude for playing your part in our continued growth and development. 

Thank You, and we look forward to the exciting year ahead!   

About Evai:

Pre-registrations for Evai’s upcoming rating and analytics MVP platform are now open. Sign-up today at evai.io for a free 60-day trial when the platform launches in 2021.

Evai aims to establish the world’s first independent ratings service for evaluating the true worth of cryptocurrencies. The platform combines economic research, machine learning, and AI to pioneer a new approach to crypto ratings and analytics. 

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