The Bitcoin Cash Hard Fork: What to Expect

This week is likely to bring a hefty dose of Deja Vu for the bitcoin cash (BCH) community as the cryptocurrency heads towards yet another contentious hardfork; its second in as many years. When crypto developers clash and fail to come to an accord, what typically follows is a hard fork. In other words, the protocol splits in two, with dev teams quite literally going in separate directions. And that’s precisely what’s in store for BCH on November 15th. Bitcoin cash—itself created in a hard fork spin-off from bitcoin core—underwent its last chain split in 2018. Dubbed the “hash wars,”

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Launching in Lockdown: embraces the demand for alternative investments

Launching a new business during the first wave of lockdown, the odds appeared to be stacked against Matthew Dixon and the Founders. In times of economic uncertainty would people be brave enough to explore alternative investments in cryptocurrency or would they stick to tried and tested routes? The answer to Matt Dixon’s relief has been a resounding ‘yes’ as Evai has sailed past its initial funding target thanks to the phenomenal support of early investors that have rallied behind the innovative cryptocurrency ratings business.

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Evai Decentralized Crypto Ratings – Everything You Need to Know

The cryptocurrency market has turned into one of the most lucrative investment spaces in modern times. Deciding between thousands of assets on the market, however, can be a precarious and time-consuming endeavor. The task is made even more complicated, given that out of nearly 6000 projects on the market, only 13% have a live use case. And then there’s the issue of bias. Not just from project tokens but fellow investors and even supposedly impartial cryptocurrency ranking sites. All too often, the crypto market is beset by stories of project scams, faked exchange volumes, and unscrupulous brokers, making it incredibly

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To achieve its goal of financial disruption, DeFi requires a decentralized rating protocol. aims to provide such a system. Decentralized finance (DeFi) is now considered blockchain’s killer app—responsible for unleashing billions in dormant potential. But as with any investment boom, the sector has its winners and losers. Without an unbiased, fit for purpose rating system embodying the decentralized nature of the sector it’s assessing, DeFi is doomed to fall for the same trappings as financial divisions before it. DeFi is the crypto industry’s answer to the borrowing, lending, and other such interest-bearing practices of traditional finance. But unlike more

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How a second wave of coronavirus lockdowns will impact Bitcoin

Coronavirus lockdowns caused economic convulsions earlier this year—and crypto wasn’t immune. Experts discuss how Bitcoin would fare in a second wave. In brief Outbreaks of coronavirus continue to cause localized lockdowns around the world. Experts believe that a second peak of COVID-19 cases could prompt further quantitative easing and degenerate the dollar further. Some see cryptocurrencies as a means of diversifying risk in a high-risk environment. Several months into the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, its impact on the global economy has been monumental, pushing both the US and the UK into recession (the latter, for the first time in 11 years).

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In the current era of the financial industry, cryptocurrencies have become a household name for investors and traders. Over the past decade, we have seen Bitcoin laying out the path for the rest of the industry, which has led to the current influx of crypto projects coming into existence. The idea of investing in digital assets has spread like wildfire and it is no longer easy to sort out the good projects from a batch of bad apples. According to CoinMarketCap, there are 5862 cryptos at the moment, and surely not each and every one of them is a credible

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