Bitcoin Holders Will See Life-Changing Profits in 2020, Trader Predicts(2 min read)

2019 was a year of accumulation; 2020 will be the year of life-changing profits for bitcion and crypto holders, according to popular trader.

Bitcoin’s price action has been mind-numbingly boring as of late.

A prominent trader believes that this will change once we turn the calendar.

Other analysts also agree that 2020 would be the year of bitcoin.

With the exception of a brutal pump and dump on Wednesday, the price action of bitcoin has been far from exciting over the last few weeks. Since the end of October, the number one cryptocurrency has lost nearly 30% of its value. The slow bleed with a couple of dead cat bounces have frustrated both the bulls and the bears.

It is almost the same story for other cryptocurrencies. Sure, a handful of gems or small market cap cryptos have popped but the majors have been disappointing. After a strong first half of 2019, many coins such as Litecoin (LTC/USD) and Ethereum (ETH/USD) have succumbed to profit-taking.

Nevertheless, one widely-followed trader named Bitcoin Macro claims that 2020 will not be the same. It would be a year that changes the lives of people.

Bitcoin Macro: Life-Changing Profits Will Be Made

2019 has been a difficult year for most HODLers. Early this year, bitcoin showed tremendous strength as it climbed from $3,000 to about $14,000. Unfortunately, the bulls could not sustain the ascent. The force of gravity sucked the dominant cryptocurrency back to Earth.

But bitcoin was not going down alone. The number one cryptocurrency took most of the altcoins down with it.

According to Bitcoin Macro, the time for accumulation is almost over. 2020 is the year when crypto would finally wake up. When it does, lives would be changed.


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